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We use pure botanical ingredients that bring the healing power of nature to your skin and into your life. Using some of the most precious and sought-after oils in the world, our base oils are raw virgin cold pressed organic or wild, therefore keeping their potent nutritive value. Loaded with vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids, (omega 3. 5, 6, 7 and 9), our oils absorb easily and deeply into your skin, allowing for cellular regeneration, hydration, toning and clarifying.


We have looked long and hard to find powerful therapeutic-grade herbal extracts and essential oils that bring results. Our essential oils are steam distilled and many are organic.  


Our products are non-toxic and free of fillers, synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, mineral oils and petroleum.


We never test our products on animals. At Mythologie we love animals and have a deep respect for the earth and all things living. Every action we take and every ingredient we use is in accord with these values. It is our intention to bring joy and beauty into your life and to the world.




Our products are designed to bring you pleasure and delight, to offer you a unique skincare experience that restores and nourishes your skin and makes you feel good. Each intoxicating scent, created with pure essential oils, has been artistically blended to uplift and inspire. Each ingredient is considered for its therapeutic contribution and luxurious texture. We want you to cherish your skincare ritual and look forward to giving yourself some much needed attention and love.

To add Mythologie Facial Oils to your skincare regime, simply place 4-10 drops of ​oil onto your palms. Gradually massage the oil into your face and neck area in an gentle upward motion. Softly pat the area around your eyes. Remember to take your time and breath in the delicious scent of the oil. This is your precious self-care time. Close your eyes for a moment and give yourself the space to enjoy. Using Mythologie oils will calm your mind and give you beautiful radiant skin.





Our lineage is both ancient and international. We draw on beauty secrets and powerful healing traditions from cultures around the world dating back thousands of years. From the amazing healing ability of Sea Buckthorn Oil, with origins in ancient Greece and the Himalayas, to Neroli (Orange Blossom) Oil used by the ancient priests and priestesses of Egypt, to the African botanical treasure, Marula Oil, often called “Miracle Oil”, we use some of the most treasured and powerful ingredients that the earth has to offer. 




In the designing of our products, we take our time. We pay attention to detail and go through a process of refinement that gives exquisite results. We uncover the lineage of each nutrient-rich botanical, following it back through history and its role in mythology. This offers a deeper understanding of how the oil has been used over the centuries, what culture it is associated with and the traditions from which it originates. Then, over a period of weeks we blend, study and test each formula until we create the perfect synergy. The result: one of our potent botanical facial oils that will have you falling in love with your skin and experiencing a greater appreciation for these ancient and beautiful healing oils.




Tracy Atkinson created Mythologie out of her passion for 100% nontoxic and ethical skincare and firm belief in the healing power of plants.


This passion began almost twenty years ago when Tracy was diagnosed with eczema. She was faced with the choice of taking traditional medication or adopting a holistic approach to healing. Taking the alternative route, she began making changes to her diet, started doing yoga and experimenting with botanical oils.


A combination of education, research and experimentation led Tracy to create her own face and body oils, eventually leading to the birth of Mythologie.

Tracy’s belief in holistic healing has also manifested in other ways. She has been helping people through Vedic or Hindu astrology for the past 10 years.



Vedic astrology, the ancient astrology of India, has an unbroken lineage going back over five thousand years and is a powerful tool for discovering blind spots, and gaining clarity. It can help answer the mundane questions of love, health and success, but at a deeper level, it can allow us to know ourselves better, promote spiritual growth, and awaken our inner wisdom.


With the birth of Mythologie, Tracy’s values of 100% natural and organic ethically sourced ingredients, luxurious beauty, wellness and wisdom are infused into each unique product. 


Handcrafted with care in Brooklyn, all of our products are made in small batches to ensure the absolute best quality and freshness. Each plant-derived ingredient is specially chosen to create a magical synergy that gives you beautiful radiant skin while also soothing your soul.