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Our Neroli essential oil is derived from freshly hand-picked orange blossoms grown in Tunisia and is one of the finest Neroli essential oils available. Neroli oil is a true treasure. The ancient priests and priestesses of Egypt knew this, and used it to heal their body, mind and spirit. The aroma, exceptionally divine, is fresh, light and sweet and deeply comforting.


Benefits for the Skin

Neroli essential oil is an absolute balm for the skin. It softens wrinkles and scars, stimulates new cell growth, heals broken capillaries and supports the creation of smooth, firm and radiant skin. 

Benefits for the Spirit

For the mind, Neroli oil is equally as precious. It embodies potent relaxing properties that quiet the mind and bring a deep sense of calm. It uplifts, inspires courage and an overall welcome feeling of well being.